Saturday, March 23, 2013

The values of true friendship

Hello everyone!

 My word, it's been nearly a month since my last post... consistency is not one of my virtues, apparently.

 I hope everyone has had a lovely March so far, I haven't done too much lately. Mostly school, rock climbing classes, guitar classes, the usual (that list sort of sounds like a lot of things, but it's really not). I have gotten to see my friend every week, since on Sundays we have a couple of families come over for dinner and (currently) to watch the 'Bible' series on tv. It's just lovely to see them so often. :)

 One of my very favorite things about my friends is that we know each other so well that even when we're at each others houses, we don't really need to constantly be doing something. Kenzie even brings her own laptop, and if we don't know what to do, sometimes we'll sit next to each other and go on our laptops and occasionally show each other something funny on Tumblr, or a pin on Pinterest. Other times we'll both sit in silence reading our books, or we'll listen to music without any chatting. I think it's one of the best kinds of friendships when you don't hardly have to say anything at all and you're both content with it.

 Other times, though, we can't shut up. We can ramble on for ages about some weird subject, then somehow find ourselves talking about something not even remotely related. Sometimes we chat over a pot of tea, or a bowl of hot soup. Sometimes we yell at each other angrily while playing video games. I won't even talk about what Monopoly does to us whenever I play it with my friends. Lets just say that after a game of that, we are all a bit grumpy at each other.

 What I'm saying is, I'm blessed with the most wonderful friends. They're the kind that you can meet for coffee on a short notice, or the kind that will invite you over for a couple of hours to help them bake a cake, and to chat and watch Doctor Who. I am always so thankful for my dear friends, because sometimes it's even nice just to get away from your family for a while.

 So, thanks, Cam and Kenz! You brighten up my life. :)

Love you all!


I would totally do the dinosaur thing. Who doesn't want a tiny domesticated dinosaur for their pet?

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