Monday, February 25, 2013

Psych-O's Unite!

Hello everybody!

 Soooo, not too much has been going on lately, but a little over a week ago, Kenzie, Kyra, and I all camped out in the living room for a Psych Sleepover! There was a 6-episode long Psych marathon that started at 10 and went until 4. It was so much fun :) It started at midnight in other time zones, Kenz and I were glad it didn't start that late because we barely made it to 4 in the morning. :)

 We, of course, had the necessities; Newman-O's (oreos.... but better), Snyders of Hanover (the only acceptable type of pretzel to eat ever.... and the best), popcorn (I make some dang good popcorn), and lots of delicious tea. We put down pretty much all the extra blankets and pillows in the house and had a big comfy spot to sleep on. It was so much fun. :) And I'm proud to say that Kenz and I lasted the whole time, though we had to snuggle a bit during the rather creepy episodes (Tuesday the 17th and Heeeeere's  Lassie). Because snuggling deters the freakiness a tad. Thanks, Kenz, for putting up with your obnoxious friend. Kyra slept through most of the episodes. What a lame-o.... :)

Erm.... yeah, we're idiots.

 And, of course, you can't have a big sleepover/tv show marathon without lots of comfy pajama pants! That would be ridiculous.

 We had such a ridiculously fun time. Psych is such a wonderful show, too, I don't think I've ever laughed that hard at that time of night.... probably because I'm usually asleep. 

Well, I hope everyone has a good week!

Happy pretzel eating!


Friday, February 15, 2013

A Normal-ish Day

 Hello everyone!

 I hope everyone is doing well. :) Not too much has been going on lately here, I've gotten to see my friends a lot though, so that has been wonderful. My lovely friend Kenzie and I are actually having a Psych sleepover tonight! Pretty much we are going to stay up really late watching the Psych marathon on tv. I'm quite excited. :)

 Anywho, here are some random pictures of things I've done, or read, or projects I'm working on.... I know, it's really exciting (I still maintain that there should be some sort of font that conveys sarcasm... I'd use it.)

Started a new crochet project... pretty excited to see how it turns out!

Everyone needs a little Led Zeppelin in their life.

I got some ink and doodled! I love drawing with pen and ink.

Started a new project... But shhhh! It's a present for someone!

Suuuuper awesome book. Thank you Shelby, for getting me awesome Christmas gifts.

Just finished this Agatha Christie- very good!!

 So there you are, just some random things.... I also cooked an African meal with my friend, went to rock climbing class, had friends over for the Super Bowl.... But, yeah, I'm not too good about taking pictures of events, apparently.

 I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day :)

Have a happy day!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello everyone.

 I'm a planner, most of the time. At any given time (unless it's right after I wake up) I will have a thousand ideas and plans going through my head. In reality, only a few of those things ever happen, and some haven't had the chance yet. For an example, I have big plans to travel the world, all over, and eat new foods and meet new people. I have plans to open up my own coffee shop, or used bookstore, or yarn shop. Heck, I even have exercise plans (....ermm.... not too many of those plans actually get executed...).

 But sometimes I take a break from hoping and dreaming that all of my big, ambitious dreams come true, and I allow myself to think in the moment, to randomly choose to knit something, or to draw or paint something. Because (brace yourself... I'm about to get deep) I find that if I plan too much I feel like there might come a time when I get disappointed, and I struggle with myself often about planning my whole life out instead of letting God take me where he plans. Now, I realize I'm only fourteen, and that that seems a bit extreme, planning out my life, but I am quite a dreamer, and I can't really help but look into the future and wonder what it holds for me.

 I just wanted to make a short little post about this, because it is actually something very important to me. Always, always remember that not everything in your life has to be planned out. It's totally okay to have time when you have no idea what to do, no plans. I think that lots of times we look at our lives and think that if we don't have everything exactly where we want it, or when we want it, that we will fall apart. But if you plan too much, perhaps you might miss something even better that God has planned for you.

 I know this is a tad out of character for my blog, it's missing my usual silliness and sarcasm, but I think this is something that everyone needs a little reminder of every once in a while. I love you all, my dear readers. :)

Happy dreaming!