Monday, February 25, 2013

Psych-O's Unite!

Hello everybody!

 Soooo, not too much has been going on lately, but a little over a week ago, Kenzie, Kyra, and I all camped out in the living room for a Psych Sleepover! There was a 6-episode long Psych marathon that started at 10 and went until 4. It was so much fun :) It started at midnight in other time zones, Kenz and I were glad it didn't start that late because we barely made it to 4 in the morning. :)

 We, of course, had the necessities; Newman-O's (oreos.... but better), Snyders of Hanover (the only acceptable type of pretzel to eat ever.... and the best), popcorn (I make some dang good popcorn), and lots of delicious tea. We put down pretty much all the extra blankets and pillows in the house and had a big comfy spot to sleep on. It was so much fun. :) And I'm proud to say that Kenz and I lasted the whole time, though we had to snuggle a bit during the rather creepy episodes (Tuesday the 17th and Heeeeere's  Lassie). Because snuggling deters the freakiness a tad. Thanks, Kenz, for putting up with your obnoxious friend. Kyra slept through most of the episodes. What a lame-o.... :)

Erm.... yeah, we're idiots.

 And, of course, you can't have a big sleepover/tv show marathon without lots of comfy pajama pants! That would be ridiculous.

 We had such a ridiculously fun time. Psych is such a wonderful show, too, I don't think I've ever laughed that hard at that time of night.... probably because I'm usually asleep. 

Well, I hope everyone has a good week!

Happy pretzel eating!



  1. You girls are just so darling! What fun!

  2. I had SO much fun! And I'm very glad you were there to snuggle with during the creepy episodes. I'm not sure I would have been able to get through them without you! :)