Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello everyone!

 So, I have some news (that all of my few readers have probably already heard about); the Pierson family is leaving Montana! My dad found a great job in Katy, Texas, and we have been packing and storing since we found out. Our walls are art-less, our bookshelves are book-less if they are even out still, and there is still a bunch of stuff to go through.

 It will be very hard, leaving the only home I've ever really known, after all, I have lived here all of my 15 years. It will be very hard leaving my friends, whom I've known practically my whole life, and leaving behind even the people I only know by sight, the familiar faces I see whenever I go to the climbing center, or the library, or our favorite coffee shop. And it will be especially difficult to leave behind the mountains that have always been a background to my life here.

 But you know what? I'm ready for a new adventure. I'm ready and excited to live near a city, to go to the ocean, to meet new people and try new coffee shops. I'm both nervous and excited to learn to drive in a town that none of us are familiar with. I'm excited to save money so that I can fly and drive all around the country, meeting old friends and making new ones. There comes a time in everyone's lives when something changes drastically, and you can drag your feet or you can jump right in. 

 Sometimes you just have to trust that God knows what he's doing, even when it means you moving 1,700 miles to the other side of the country.

Love from the girl who's off on a new adventure,


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