Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Projects....

So, now that I have my blog up and (sort of) running, I can show you some projects I will be working on!!!

First: I got a messenger bag kit for my birthday one year, the kind that comes with a bunch of iron-on transfers. Let's just say I didn't do such a great job at decorating it. Anyway I decided that it's a good bag and it deserves to be used, because messenger bags are extremely handy. Soooo here comes...... Extreme Makeover Messenger Bag edition! Sadly I forgot to take "before" pictures, but since I'm not finished decorating it, I can most definitely give in between pictures :) Here it is!

Pretty cute, isn't it? Well I wasn't like that before. Because it was a gift from wal-mart (I do NOT have a high opinion of Wal-Mart), the strap, on BOTH sides, was completely twisted up. So I had to cut the strap twice and re-sew it the correct way. Way to go, Wal- Mart. After I did that I used some of the extra fabric left over from a dress made for Kyra (not made by me.... I'm not that skilled at sewing!) and I covered the ugly, iron-on transfers!!! I am planning on sewing crocheted flowers on it, but I'm not sure what color they should be.... please comment and leave suggestions :)

And now for my next project! This one I haven't started yet, so you actually get to see "before" pictures! Yay! This is my project.........

It's an ugly cardigan, isn't it? Why yes it is! But not for long!!!!!! I am going to do THIS to it:

I am going to cover the ugly, white, boring cardigan and make it an adorable, flower covered cute cardigan!!! I'm extremely excited. I hope it turns out okay.

I'm so happy I have a blog to share all of my creations with other people! It makes it all the more fun, and also motivates me to get my projects done! Hahaha!



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ah... My very first blog post. I'm not at all quite sure how my blog will turn out, but I'll start by telling about myself. I'm always creating, or coming up with a zillion ideas of things to create. Some of the things I make I really think out, but that doesn't happen very often. Usually I just grab some random craft supplies and make something or I just doodle. My desk is almost NEVER clean, which I don't really mind. Unless I clean it off, you can't really see the top of my desk, and let's not even mention my amazingly messy desk drawers. Over a few years I've collected most of my art supplies, which includes paper, glue, many, many stickers, water colors, paints, paint brushes, markers, punches, sponges, brads, buttons, and a LOT more things. Most of this stuff is in my closet or my desk.

  Now for my room: I love my room. It's the place where I can go to be alone and paint or read. I spend most of my time in my room. My walls are blue and are almost completely covered by art and other random things. But what I like most on my wall is my Wall of Special Things. It's in a corner right above my comfy green chair, and it has lots and lots of random special things from my life, from and empty Skittles bag to my signed picture of Jay Novacek. In that same corner I have a tall green floor lamp which I taped paper petals on to make it look like a flower. I'll post pictures of it sometime. I have a little pink glo-fish named Tina in my room, who (whom?) I got on valentine's day a couple of years ago. All in all,  my room is one of my favorite places. :-)

Soon I'll be posting pictures of my art projects and other artsy things I like, but first I have to figure out how to. :-)  Thanks to anyone reading this (if anyone is)!