Friday, January 11, 2013

Adventures in Dressmaking

Hello Everyone :)

 I really love to sew. It's very fun and there are so many possibilities as to the things you can create, buuuuuut I'm not very good at following sewing patterns. I usually just make things up as I go along, so most of my projects usually don't turn out (although really that happens most of the time when I try to improvise a craft, such as knitting or crocheting). So I sort of surprised myself by buying dress patterns. Well, I didn't reaaaally surprise myself- I really love vintage-y dresses. I had to make a promise to myself that I was actually going to sew  these dresses, not just leave the pattern in a bin in the garage.

 And guess what? I made one! I sewed a dress! I, the queen of starting projects and not finishing them, have actually made a whole dress.  And it fits. And it has a zipper. And it has a wonderfully full skirt. And I gathered!!!! And it all worked out. Huh, who knew that when you actually follow a pattern, it turns out how you want it to. :)

 The pattern is a dream, I actually showed a picture of it in another post, it's Retro Butterick B5708, a remake of a dress pattern from 1953 (the 50's- one of my faaaavorite time periods for clothing). I made the smallest size and just hoped that it would fit (I'm not exactly to the level where I feel I can grade the pattern to my size), and it does. :) Beautifully, in fact. What luck!

 So I guess I should stop droning on about this dress and actually show you some pictures!

 There it is! It fits like a dream, almost exactly my size. And, as you can clearly see, the skirt is wonderful for twirling, which makes it the best kind of skirt. :) I plan on making a few different sashes to go with it, too, so that I can mix and match for whatever event I may be going to, whether it be a wedding or a quick trip into town.

 I am so happy with how it turned out that I am already to plan on making another dress soon, filled as I am with confidence about this success. I don't know what pattern, but I'm sure it will be quite an adventure as well. :)

 Happy sewing!

A very happy Maddy

p.s Thanks to Kyra for taking pictures for her photography inept sister!

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  1. Your dress is beautiful! I just bought this pattern and like you, I love vintage twirly dresses but have never made one - thanks for posting yours! :)