Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Walk Downtown

  Hello everyone!

  Today Kyra and I decided to go into town and get out of the house, and, it being a whole 50 degrees out (that is actually very nice out at this time of year, I'm not being sarcastic), we went for a walk downtown.

 Downtown Bozeman is absolutely lovely, and super adorable, but we've been down Main Street so many times that it can get a bit boring (it's not a very long street). So we parked the car and went down some side streets in a very large loop, all the while chatting and hopping over ridiculously large puddles.

As we didn't really expect to be walking through giant puddles, Kyra and I both wore rather inadequate shoes, which made for quite the adventure. I, for one, don't really care what happens to my shoes as long as they aren't completely ruined, so they got a bit wet. 

   Wet feet! Mine are the ones in the Toms.... 50 degrees in Montana, we break out the summer clothes. I wouldn't necessarily suggest canvas or leather shoes for puddle jumping, however.

 I took an absurdly amazing picture of a tree stump for everyone. Prepare to be amazed...... not really.

Pretty neat tree stump, though, huh?

Cute curtains, no?

It was a very fun walk, and I truly love being able to go into town with just my sister (thank you, Kyra, for being able to drive.)

Hope everyone has a happy day!


P.S. Here is Kyra's blog post about today... with better picture quality and a few more details. It's a pretty superb post.


  1. You are, in fact, the most adorable person on the face of the Earth.

  2. Kenz: