Monday, November 12, 2012

A sea of white

Hello there!

 It's winter!!! On friday we all woke up to nearly a foot of snow- one of my favorite things to wake up to. There is something magical about waking up and looking out the window and seeing a sea of sparkly white  snow. :) But here we get not only snow, but extreme temperatures too. So the other day Kyra of course wanted to take pictures and enlisted me as her helper- outside where it was 7 degrees. I went out in my pajamas since I didn't think she would need me for much. A word of advice: you won't be very warm going outside in 7 degree weather if you only have tights, a nightgown, and rain boots on. Five minutes later you will realize this and go and get a coat and mittens.

 Even if I get lots of snow down my back (which I did) I still love it.
                   Plus, hot cocoa and tea and coffee are all better when it's cold out :) Along with knitting, reading, sewing watching movies, baking, and a bunch of other things.
      The cold makes some things better.

                      And some things (walking down the street, for example)
                 much worse and far less pleasant.

Have a happy winter!


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