Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Blogs

Hello there!

 Sometimes I do crazy things. However, crazy things are always more fun when you have a good friend with you. :) I guess I'd better just tell you... I'm going to run a half marathon with my friend. Ugh. I still am not sure how or why I agreed to do it, but now I have to. It's sort of strange, too, because I don't really enjoy running. Biking? Yeah. Hiking? Love it! Running? Ick. But I guess we will see how it goes. :)

  I have recently discovered Vogue Pattern's line of Vintage inspired patterns, and I love them so much that I would order them all if I could! As it happens, though, I can't order them all, but I did get to buy two of them. :)

Aren't they just the cutest! I had a very hard time just choosing two patterns, I'll tell you that.

 Now, I suppose I should get to the subject that the blog post's title says this is about. I follow quite a few blogs, some cooking blogs, some sewing blogs, and some really cute vintage-inspired blogs.

 1. David Lebovitz Living the Sweet Life in Paris
His blog has some of the most AMAZING recipes, and I've learned a lot about Paris and its restaurants since I started following the blog.

  2. Casey's Elegant Musings Celebrating Inspiration and Creativity
This is such a fantastic blog! Casey, the writer, is a very talented seamstress and knitter and she has the most fabulous closet of vintage inspired clothes I have ever seen. She has lots of tutorials on handy things, such as how to draft a pattern, sizing for vintage patterns, or how to sew scallops. She is quite the inspiration for me to start sewing my own clothes.

3. Two Peas and Their Pod
Another blog with yummy recipes. Every time I open an email with one of these blog posts, I nearly gasp at how yummy whichever recipe is on there looks. :)

  4. Just One Kind of Folks
My momma's blog. :) I love her.

 5. Sweet Dreams Cake App
This is my best friend Kenzie's mom's blog. It has lots of very handy cake decorating tutorials on it and some pictures of the beautiful cakes that she creates. :)

 6. Craft Passion
This blog is just filled with crafting wonderful-ness. :) It's the blog that I won a giveaway from, for the cute pear coin purse that I made.

 I think that's it, but make sure to visit all the blogs, you are sure to find all sort of goodies on them, whether a delicious recipe or a knitting pattern or helpful tips on sewing. :)

 Happy Blogging!


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  1. :) Actually, I'm not a huge fan of running either. It's the discipline and accomplishment that I love. :) I am going to check a few of these blogs out! I have one to add:
    It's a wonderful organizing blog for all of us nerds. ;)