Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Blogging Break.... in Texas!

Hey there! It's me! No, I have not disappeared off the face of the planet. Sorry for the long break! Guess where I am? I'm in Texas! In fact, I have been for nearly two months! We all decided to take a break from the decidedly chilly weather in dear ol' Montana and come down to nice warm Texas and visit the family. We have done lots of fun stuff and have gotten nice and tan, and we are heading back home on Wednesday. Much as I love my family and Texas, it will be pretty nice to have my room and my friends back, not to mention my hair doesn't get NEARLY as frizzy at home as it does here. Darn humidity :). I'm afraid I don't have any pictures to post right now, but I promise to put some good ones up when we get home!

After we do get home, and after two days of driving, I'm not going to get too much rest, because next Saturday I get to do what is my idea of a super fun time.... I'm going to a ball! Not what you expected? Eh, that's okay. It's true though! I'm going with my amazing friends. It takes place at MSU. Kenzie got to go last year and had a blast, so she remembered to tell us about it this year. We all have lovely dresses to wear and I will most certainly write a post about it!

Also, I don't know if you have noticed, but I am reaaaaaaaally good at starting a project and not finishing it. Sorry I haven't done the 52 weeks of projects thing, it was a lot to do, and I really should have started out smaller, maybe with something every month instead of every week. I got to week six, I think. Hahaha! Oh well. There will always be more projects. In fact, I have done lots of projects while we have been in TX, so when I get home I will do a post about them. Honestly, it's a LOT of projects.

Oh yeah, I am now 14 years old! Yep! For my birthday (April 2nd) my mom, sister, Beebo, and I all went to see the movie Mirror Mirror, which was so funny and cute! I loved it! Then we came home and had a delicious dinner of chicken pot pie and a fantastic dessert of yellow cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling. It was as good as it sounds! I had a very good birthday :).

Well, there is a lot more to tell about our trip but I will leave that for another time in the near future. I hope everyone is doing well!

Happy Project Making!


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