Friday, October 7, 2011

Pincushions... How Cute Thou Art...

So, I am a very inconsistent blogger. I apologize for that. It doesn't mean I haven't done any crafting though.... because I have. Quite a lot of crafting, actually. So, in my blogging absence, these are some of the many things I have created......
You might be wondering what these are.... Or maybe not, because I already told you what they are in the title of this post. But, yes, these are PINCUSHIONS!!!!!! I have an awesome book called Doodle Stitching, and it came with a pattern to make a pincushion that looked like a tree stump. I LOVE that pattern. The first one I made I actually gave to my good friend, Cam, because she likes to sew, and if I have a reason to give gifts, I will. (Seriously, though, I already have a list of things I plan to give people for Christmas...)

Anyway, so the tree stump pincushion is made from a pattern. The heart pincushion I made up on my own. I was worried it wouldn't turn out, because hearts are very tricky to work with, but it did! Although it turned out fatter than I expected it to :) And last, but DEFINITELY not least, my favorite (and latest) pincushion!!! The rainbow pincushion!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I love it? I made it without a pattern and just went crazy-embroidery-lady....

So here's the tree stump one..... For the one I gave my friend, I made some cute leaf pins to go with her pincushion; made out of a pin, air dry clay, and some paint.... They turned out quite well.

And, of course, this is the heart pincushion :) The stitch on the side is called a threaded running stitch, and I love how it turned out. The stitch on the top is called a scallop stitch, and it was my first time stacking it instead of using it as a border or something....

DON'T YOU LOVE IT?????????? I do! It's my fave. I used the backstitch and the scallop stitch on the top, for the rainbow, and french knots on the side of the pincushion.... I am just so happy with how it turned out :)

So there you have it. Proof that when I do not do a blog post, I am not just sitting and reading all the time. Actually, that would be hard to do, since I am required to do schoolwork in the mornings. But, sometimes I think it is good for you to just sit with a cozy blanket and read a book and drink hot tea.... Or, if you're me, think of Christmas gifts :)

Thank you for being patient!

Happy Crafting and Tea Drinking :)



  1. Major stinkin' cute!!! Maddy I didn't learn to embroider until I was in my early 20's. Your greatgrandmother Romano taught me. Your work is beautiful and I and sooooooooooo proud of you.

  2. oops...meant 'am sooooooooooooooo' proud of you.

  3. Oh those are adorable! They probably work much better than an arm of a couch. :)

  4. Love these madster! I swear I have a rainbow embroidery piece from 8th grade that is the same as your little rainbow. I will have to find it! Great blog!