Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Camp.... Oh, what joy it brings!

So, as I said on my last post (or on a comment... I forget which one) I went to a summer camp for a week. And guess what? I took LOTS of pictures!!!! I had a wonderful time with my two best friends ever, Kenzie and Cam, at Clydehurst Christian Camp..... Here are some pictures, sorry if some of them are blurry, I'm not very good at taking pictures. Here goes......

This is on the bus ride there.... I kindly will not post the funny picture of us.

We built an AMAZING lean-to as a cabin. It was HUGE. And it didn't really look like a lean-to, more like a giant teepee made out of sticks....

We went on a hike to this beautiful waterfall called Trinity Falls, where we proceeded to jump in the coldest water I think my body has ever been in, but it was the greatest experience ever!!!!!! I will admit though that I am a wimp and I did not dunk my head in the water, but I did go in about up to my belly button.... :)

.... We got many drinks from Old Facefull and Old Nosefull, but sadly I didn't get any pictures of Old Nosefull. Kenzie is extremely photogenic in this picture :)

We went to chapel and sang lots of fun songs, and had many great times.....

..... And we had very, very, very dirty feet :)

I only wish I could put all of my pictures on my blog, but that would be far too long of a blog post. All I can say then is that we had a magnificent time, a crazy time, a fun time, and a time filled with friends, old and new :) I am such a lucky person to have such good friends!!!!!




  1. Look at those nasty feet! :)
    Love you, Stinker!!!!!

  2. You look sooooo happy, sweet Maddy. Glad you had a wonderful time.